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Geo Drill Global Services are recognized as one of the most leading and reliable multi disciplinary drilling contractors based in Abuja (Nigeria). And we also operate in India and Other Countries. Having more than two Decades of experience in this business, the company has been offering best solutions for all kinds of water related problems. Construction and dedicated technical persons

are integral part of the company provides excellent services to our valued customers across the country's.

Geo Drill Global Services is a Drilling Company that specializes in ground and surface water development this includes:
1.   Groundwater hydro-geological surveys.
2.   New bore hole/ well drilling.
3.   Construction of ground tanks - Masonry\Steel
4.   Bore hole/well rehabilitation which entails;
     • Cleaning
     • Fishing of pump/tools from boreholes
     • Re-test pumping
     • Repair/replacement of submersible pumps, hand pumps and accessories
     • Replacement of raiser pipes
5.   Design and installation of borehole/well pumping systems.
6.   Reticulation systems which entails;
      • Fabrication and installation of elevated tanks and towers
      • Installation of pipelines and distribution networks.
7.   Supply of water pumps (surface, submersible and booster), generators, control panels,
       pipes and accessories.
8.   Training in management, operation and maintenance of water projects.

Geo Drill Global Services registered with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation as qualified borehole contractors. Geo Drill Global Services has been operating under a different names & Organization Groups like "Ayyappa Borewells" in India for the last 20 years, our company has the great reputation in this field in various Mnc's, Industries (Clough Engineering Ltd (Australia), Honey Well Technologies (America), Microsoft (America), Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (India), National Geophysical Research Institute (India), DLF India Ltd (india), Rural Water Supply Scheme (Govt of India), Indian Institutes of Technology (India), TAJ Group of Hotels (india) ) and many more.


" Our main objective is to deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money. We assure you cost effective services round the clock in and around Zambia and India. "

“To be a leader in the underground water business by being affordable, Right Solution & Right Cost and committed efforts “