Borehole/Well Drilling

Geo Drill Global Services basically focuses on ground water exploration and development. We do actual borehole drilling in different geological regimes. Our drilling process is optimized to ensure plentiful water flow, and we can consult to determine the best conditions for a reliable source.
     Our technical teams are familiar with varying rocks of different properties and professionally qualify to drill quality boreholes.

Geo Drill Global Services has a fully equipped workshop of drilling tools and equipments to drill in even the most difficult formations in the region. After drilling we install casings, appropriate gravel packing to ensure the long life of the borehole by preventing siltation and eventually perform a Test pumping exercise to ascertain the aquifer characteristics and discharge of the borehole. We also designs and installs appropriate pumping and reticulation systems.

Drilling Services Offered

    1.   Residential boreholes.
    2.   Commercial boreholes.
    3.   Industrial boreholes.
    4.   Agricultural & Irrigation boreholes
    5.   Mining boreholes.
    6.   Tubewell Drilling.

       We offer varied different types of tubewell drilling for domestic and commercial purpose. Drilling from 12"& 18'' tube well with up to 600 meter depth depending on the soil and location. See drilling section for the configuration details.

Our Drilling Strengths
The Rigs can drill up to the following depths:
Basement (D T H ) up to 300 meters (1000 ft) depth
Sedimentary (Rotary) up to 200 meters (650 ft) depth

Basement Drilling: DTH
8 " Drilling of Borehole           6 " Insertion of casing pipe
7" Drilling of Borehole            5" Insertion of casing pipe
61/2" Drilling of Borehole       5" Insertion of casing pipe

Sedimentary Drilling: Rotary
12" Drilling of Borehole        10" Insertion of casing pipe
10" Drilling of Borehole        8" Insertion of casing pipe
8" Drilling of Borehole          6" Insertion of casing pipe
7" Drilling of Borehole          5" Insertion of casing pipe