Protecting the Environment

Society needs oil, natural gas, and minerals, but land, air and water must be protected during siting, development, operation and closure of oil and gas wells. The state Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law requires drillers to apply sound environmental principles, returning areas effected by minerals development to a condition that allows continued productive use of the land. A well drilling or plugging permit is required before site preparation and drilling/plugging can begin on an oil, gas, underground storage or solution salt mining well of any depth, or a brine disposal, geothermal or stratigraphic well deeper than 500 feet.Successful carbon capture and storage (CSS) is vital for reducing human impacts on global warming. As an experienced resources and drilling organization,
 Geo Drill Global Services are committed to participating in the development and implementation of effective CSS technologies. Meeting the challenges of our shared environmental needs will – like our commitment to  innovation in CBM and other facets of our operations over many years – be a cornerstone of the Geo Drill Global Services strategy  going forward, We Develop the Rain Water Harvesting System for Developing the Irrigation System. We Provide The discounts on products and services to Organizations, Society & Community.